About Us

Milan Jaukovic, author of Auguste Renoir Gallery
Milan Jaukovic

Auguste Renoir Gallery is the site made for only one purpose: to bring Renoir's art to the people. We though that Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his paintings deserves much better popularity on Internet then it had in the early 1997 when Auguste Renoir Gallery hits the Internet. Our mission was to present Renoir colourful paintings as good as we can. It's up to you to judge if we succeeded in this job.

Of course, computer monitor isn't adequate way for enjoying in art so we had to make some sacrifice to be able to make nice and user-friendly gallery. Because of those restrictions the size of images in our gallery are much smaller then original paintings. But anyway, to really enjoy in arts you should visit museums and watch original paintings or at least a good print.

If you have any comment about the gallery or some additional information about any painting or anything to ask, feel free to send us e-mail!

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