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Auguste Renoir And His Work

by Camille Mauclair

The work of Auguste Renoir extends without interruption over a period of forty years. It appears to sum up the ideas and methods of Impressionist art so completely that, should it alone be saved from a general destruction, it would suffice to bear witness to this entire art movement...

Impressionism: Renoir

by James Huneker

The secret of success is never to be satisfied; that is, never to be satisfied with your work or your success. And this idea seems to have animated Auguste Renoir during his long, honourable career of painter. In common with several members of the impressionistic group to which he belonged, he suffered from hunger, neglect, obloquy; but when prosperity did at last appear he did not succumb to the most dangerous enemy that besets the artist...

Impressionism: The Lasting Impression!

by Nadeem Alam

Fine Arts generally, found this theory more suitable for its somewhat blur and sometime vague objects; where many things could be said through reflecting light and incomplete forms, crafted through quick range of short strokes of pure and bright colors.

Most Expensive Paintings Ever

by Milan Jaukovic

Everyone knows the art is expensive… but how much? This is the list of the top 10 most expensive paintings ever bought on auction. This doesn’t mean those paintings the best or the most beautiful paintings, but sure does mean those painters are amongst most popular masters of art!

How to Earn a Better Grade on Your Term Paper

by Dorothy Zjawin

This article, written by a college composition professor, lists and describes four avoidable common term paper errors that cost students higher grades on their papers.