Nude in the Sunlight by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Nude in the Sunlight


Information about painting

Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Musée de Louvre, Paris, France

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This is my favorite painting of all time. The way the rays of sun illuminate her skin is absolutely beautiful. Perfection!
Posted by Jenna on 08. August 2006. at 21:51
Very excellent capture with the relationship in light and shadow
Posted by mod on 09. November 2005. at 00:49
Nude in Sunlight
Many artists have chosen to capture the beauty of the human body in the form of a nude painting or figure. All i can say is i have never seen a womans body have a glow.. like that.. you can sense her mild shyness..but incredible calm and her beauty can almost make you want to turn away.. this has to be one of my favorite paintings.. because i have NEVER seen anyone capture that kind of feeling and emotion in a single painting..
Posted by Rachel on 28. November 2004. at 21:57

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