Reclining Nude by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Reclining Nude


Information about painting

Dimensions: 33 x 40.6 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, USA

Comments about Reclining Nude

many artists lie nudes outside, particularly the impressionists who wanted to paint outside to capture the light of a particular moment. and look at that light!
Posted by deleine on 09. April 2006. at 11:38
Rock on Jasmine
Posted by Gavin on 01. December 2005. at 01:56
william blake drew some monstruous odd creatures and flying nude people, michelangelo painted naked mens and women dancing around in fantastic, utopic worlds... so no offense Skye but who cares if nobody would " lie nude outside like that" that ?!
Posted by Jasmine on 15. March 2005. at 12:04
Who knows.... Renoir likes his thick women.
Posted by Notoday on 15. March 2005. at 07:51
no offense, but who lies nude outside like that?
Posted by Skye on 06. December 2004. at 16:17

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