The Artist's Son Jean by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Artist's Son Jean


Information about painting

Dimensions: 55 x 46 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA

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Renior did not have a daughter and this is his youngest son Jean, they often dressed young boys in a "dress" like style and long hair.
Posted by Debby on 20. July 2012. at 14:56
old antique painting
i have an old stolen painting from Renoir,it was a gift to my father since the war time,if anyone is interested contact me telefone:70 970 324 lebanon,beirut
Posted by vana chamoyan on 25. June 2012. at 09:45
This is not his son but his daughter!!!
Posted by Natasa on 15. April 2011. at 14:38
This is a painting of his son ?
Posted by Darl on 17. May 2008. at 19:52
the little girl look frustrated couse of her mouth
Posted by haru-chan on 25. June 2007. at 01:23
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