Le Moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Le Moulin de la Galette


Information about painting

Dimensions: 175 x 131 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

The Moulin de la Galette was one of 21 works shown by Renoir at the third Impressionist exhibition in 1877. Every Sunday afternoon young people from the north of Paris contributed in the dance-hall and in the courtyard behind it in fine weather. Most of the figures in Renoir's work, rather than being habitués of the Moulin were in fact portraits of his friends, with the occasional professional model posing for thin. The scene which Renoir has painted in this work is not an authentic representation of the clientele of the Moulin, but rather a scrupulously organized series of portrait.

The writer Georges Rivière, who knew Renoir well at this time, and is himself included in the painting as one of the three foreground gallant drinking at the table, in his review of the work in the journal L'Iimpressionniste which accompanied exhibition referred to it as a page of history, a precious and strictly accurate portrayal of Parisian life. That he should have stressed its realism is odd given the interpretation he attached to The Swing and knowing the very painstaking working method Renoir had adopted.

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renoir vp602
I recently obtained a VP602 Renoir: moulin de la galette 24x20. I was wondering what (if any) of an appraisal value is held for this.

Thsnks, Jessica
Posted by jessica santiago on 01. July 2014. at 15:38
eu tenho o quadro le moulin de la galette de renoir,as dimencoes do quadro,43x58 cod.13402,possui um selo do lado esquerdo que diz musee du louvre.este quadro e muito antigo veio do rio de janeiro e agora esta comigo.mande sua mensagem se tiver interesse moro em rio do campo s.c
Posted by juarez on 27. October 2012. at 11:50
renoir reprints
if his paintings are reprints will his name or shld his name be on the reprint paintings
Posted by bryant adams on 23. September 2012. at 12:45
eu tenho 13402 le moulin de la galette, se voce for muito rico,faca a sua oferta.
Posted by juarez on 20. September 2012. at 17:41
no. 13402
i have a copy
Posted by melinda heeg on 11. September 2012. at 16:27
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