The Bathers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Bathers


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Dimensions: 170.8 x 117.8 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA

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I love this Renoir. The lush and full figures, with so much life. It is almost as if the painting is real.
Posted by Filep on 20. December 2008. at 21:08
real women look like this
One of my favs.Curvy women are simply beautiful.
Posted by Srbin on 03. March 2008. at 07:20
"The Bathers"
I really do like this particular painting. I love the softness of the skin tones and the character of the woman with her hand waving about.
Posted by Sasha on 26. June 2007. at 20:52
when you know the sexist, patronizing attitude of Renoir towards women, then all his nudes, including this painting, lose their charm...
Posted by viv on 03. December 2006. at 08:12
well i dont like it
Posted by emma on 11. October 2006. at 14:13
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