Bather on a Rock by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Bather on a Rock


Information about painting

Dimensions: 80 x 64 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Collection Durand-Ruel, Paris, France

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This painting is so gorgeous. The young woman is so beautiful and its just a great picture. The composition of it is amazing.
Posted by Jarrod on 02. December 2008. at 01:18
supper serial
i think this painting is super cool and i am super serial about this. i like to picture this painting in a tuxedo tee shirt because it says im formal but im also here to party
Posted by rickey bobby on 25. November 2008. at 12:09
this painting is like a fairytale
Posted by freaky on 09. January 2007. at 05:38
It is simply GORGEOUS painting!
Posted by Bob Renoir on 27. December 2005. at 03:16
her hair is stunning
Posted by Claire on 25. May 2005. at 03:18
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