The Pont Neuf, Paris (Le Pont-Neuf, Paris) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Pont Neuf, Paris

(Le Pont-Neuf, Paris)


Information about painting

Dimensions: 94 x 75 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Posted by Smithe250 on 27. January 2017. at 18:51
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Posted by Smithk417 on 04. November 2016. at 18:01
Renoir Pont Neuf
I wish to reproduce this painting in my future book entitled "the Bridge and the City". It is a masterpiece.
Posted by daniel b. on 12. November 2011. at 02:21
Realistic, with fine detail but no real focal point. great linear and aerial perspective. Beautiful architectural aspects. I love how there are hints of yellow throughout the whole painting, really reflecting the day.
Posted by Lan Nguyen on 11. December 2007. at 19:25
i like this painting it`s orginal and fine arts
Posted by liz on 11. January 2007. at 16:47
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