Two Girls Reading in the Garden by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Two Girls Reading in the Garden


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Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Private Collection

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Posted by Smithf335 on 20. December 2016. at 00:03
Two Girls Reading
I love Renoir . . . colors are exquisite. I have a copy in my hallway.
Posted by Judy Coughlin on 18. May 2013. at 11:51
two girls reading
a friend gave me this painting as a gift and i am so entranced with it. i feel for it immediately and i just had to know if it was a renoir. now i know.
Posted by debbie on 07. August 2011. at 20:58
I think the color variations of this painting shown on the right are prettier the the one above. It is a sweet subject.
Posted by katie on 05. May 2007. at 10:11
I love this picture shows the beauty of reading
Posted by Olivia on 07. March 2007. at 10:43

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