Woman Playing the Guitar by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman Playing the Guitar


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Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyons, France

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I have this print that was on my grandfathers wall when I was growing up,since he has passed away I have possession of it now.i would be interested in selling it if you know of anyone please e mail me thnx,mike.
Posted by michael cordaro on 06. August 2013. at 14:27
This Materpiece
This painting shows a Beutiful woman playing guitar in a calm forn in what looks like a living room. Just amazing!
Posted by I. Love G. Tar on 21. February 2006. at 06:42
Woman playing guitar
Iv reciently been doing this painting for a project in my art class. We were to incorperate a new age object into an old master painting. I put an electric guitar in her hand. It really made me apreciate how beautiful the painting really was... without the electric.
Posted by Claire on 16. April 2005. at 04:36
This is a beautiful painting.
Posted by Julia on 11. March 2005. at 16:32

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