The Spring (Reclining Nude) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Spring

(Reclining Nude)


Information about painting

Type: Oil on canvas
Location: The Barnes Foundation, Merion, USA

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not so fast...
Is it really entirely about innocense? You have to look more closely at expression. Is the idea of consuming the female nude all that innocent? Who is she? What is her class? Those are the ideas this painting should bring up.
Posted by Dana on 27. November 2006. at 18:07
I love the contrast in it as well. I love the expression on her face and her body language: happiness, innocence, a brightness....
Posted by Jess on 15. May 2006. at 18:44
This reminds me of me!!!
Posted by Kaitlyn on 15. April 2005. at 10:33
Innocence and charm make this girl very interesting. Generally - youth and freshness, supplemented with green background and flowers.
Posted by Mira on 11. March 2005. at 16:34

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