Blond Bather by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Blond Bather


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Type: Oil on canvas

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what most men like
This is just the type of women most men I know would find attractive,we are all sick and tired of those skeleton freaks that people call catwalk models.Real women have curves.
Posted by Srbin on 03. March 2008. at 07:11
shes hungry
Posted by simon on 18. May 2006. at 12:14
Renoir is always awesome!
Posted by Bob Renoir on 27. December 2005. at 03:23
its what was considered art back then, if u knew anything it was a naked painting, showing women in there most unflattering pose was quite common, ever realise the diference between naked and nude? look it up..
Posted by Eryne on 28. November 2005. at 17:24
this is an amazing painting. one must appreciate the features of a female body.....big was in back then. the eyes are the best part.
Posted by froglady on 10. November 2005. at 08:13
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