Woman with a Parasol and a Small Child on a Sunlit Hillside by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman with a Parasol and a Small Child on a Sunlit Hillside


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Dimensions: 47 x 56.2 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Woman with parasol & small child
Very sad to see last comment. Still we can all disagree - but having seen the painting on two more occasions - London and Sydney - my initial comment still stands. I now have a hand painted oil replica to constantly remind me - but the original will always be the best.
Posted by Josephine Cullen-Cronshaw on 08. October 2010. at 11:14
quadruple ditto.. NOT
are you people blind? this painting blows! renoir basically blows in general. what a pathetically untalented soul.
Posted by art frrreak on 23. February 2007. at 05:55
triple ditto
I too just had the pleasure of seeing this painting at the Bellagio. This piece is breathtaking. No other piece of art affected me as this one did. I turned a corner to view this piece and truly had to catch my breath and just take it in. The emotion of this piece is overwhelming and I hope to someday find a print that does it justice. I felt myself in the scene and the joy of the painting just makes me feel wonderful remembering it. Guess that is the point of painting for the artist, to recreate the emotion for others........Renoir was a master!
Posted by Debbie Lenz on 14. November 2005. at 10:00
double ditto
I totally agree with comment 1. The exibit was held over and I was able to see it May 2005. Seeing it in real life...The piece is now my favorite. The colors are grand and the movement of the grass is not well represnted in any reproduction I have seen.
Posted by Lonesa Seal on 09. May 2005. at 18:15
I have to agree with the ladies comments.
Posted by Brian Grenard on 04. May 2005. at 04:35
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