Bouquet of Spring Flowers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Bouquet of Spring Flowers


Information about painting

Dimensions: 79 x 101 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

This painting has sense of experimentation in the thickly impasted surface and lighter tone.

The work was done for the La Coeur family, probably as a present from the artist thanking his friends for their hospitality at Marlotte in the spring of 1866.

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reproduction or original
I came across an oil painting on canvas the size is 16X20 and it is framed by Renoir dated 1866 his name and dage is on the lower right hand side on the darker shade of the brick ledge, Can you provide me with some information of the artwork how many original were made etc. how to find out if it is a reproduction or original

Thank You
Posted by Barbara Nash on 11. September 2015. at 10:52
Spring Bouquet by Renoir
I am interested in the face in the painting, is it someone he knows? Has he done this with his any other paintings or all of them?
Thank you.
Posted by Virginia on 03. November 2014. at 19:42
I have a pinting like this but the varse is green and I think its over a 100 years old, can you help please?
Posted by Joanna on 21. March 2013. at 16:30
Bouquet of spring Flower
I am searching to see if I have an original or a reproduction,
Please contact me for some well needed help.
I can be reached at 360-980-0985
Posted by Dee on 08. March 2013. at 22:30
I have the same painting. What is its value and. How do i kno if i have an original
Posted by justin johnson on 06. December 2012. at 14:52
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