By the Seashore by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

By the Seashore


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Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

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By the seashore
Why is there no replies? I have the same painting. Would like to know a value.
Posted by Kat Pontiac on 03. December 2014. at 13:55
Renoir By the Seashore 1883
I have a very old painting that is not signed. It was in the attic of an old sea captain in Mystic, CT. I really believe it may be an original. Can you help me? What might it be worth?
Posted by Betty Lutz on 23. June 2014. at 11:50
By the sea shore
My mother has the painting By the sea shore Its date is 1929. Its Pierre Auguste Renoir. The H.O. Havemeyer Collection. She has had it stored in the garage for 50 years. Is it worth anything ? would like to sale it.
Posted by Melinda Evans on 30. January 2014. at 14:47
by the shore
I have a Renoir by the shore.l thank there is alot of fakes out there.What is the value if its real.
Posted by mike gerdner on 29. October 2013. at 13:59
Value of painting
Hello, I have an original or atleast I think its original canvas painting "By The Seashore" by Renoir its in good condition canvas no type of molding or anything around it but looks good. My mother got it 40 years ago when she moved in an old museum home in N.Y. curious to see what price range it would fall into if I were to sell the painting any info would be much appreciated. Thank you
Posted by John Jimenez on 14. October 2013. at 00:59
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