Dance at Bougival by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Dance at Bougival


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Dimensions: 98 x 182 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Renoir painting
I bought an oil painting that is the replica of the above painting at a car boot sale recently, it is in a really heavy frame and I absolutely love it, I bought it for £10 so think I bagged a bargain!
Posted by Debra White on 25. June 2014. at 14:05
dance at bougaval
i bought this painting at car boot sale loved it as soon as i saw it .I remembered it in a film as well but was taken alive ,, i am going to get it reframed as it will show the painting to its best ...I hope i get many years looking at this ... Then hopefully my family will enjoy it as well when i am gone ....
Posted by robina low on 18. October 2008. at 17:29
I love this painting
I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and saw this painting. I loved it. I just felt a connection because you can tell that the guy is trying really hard and the girl is looking away, and you wonder why she is looking away in the way that she is.
Posted by Heero on 08. October 2008. at 17:57
real or fake
i have a painting that i have received a long long time ago. It is exact as the above . How can i know if it is any good. i am sure someone can help or point me in the right directiobn.
Posted by michelle s on 27. January 2008. at 17:59
I just love it...I had to analize it for IGCSE Art Class and it just came to me perfectly: Renoir wants us to take a rapid view of life back when he was young. Beautiful and impressive...renoir rocks!
Posted by Nayad on 24. February 2007. at 15:59
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