Dancer by Pierre-Auguste Renoir



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Dimensions: 94 x 142 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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I like this picture!
Posted by Bianica on 30. January 2012. at 03:30
we love this piece
Posted by rattyy on 21. November 2011. at 23:08
nudes please
i like the work he put into this peice. in particular the breast section is anyone has a nude version it would exclent if you sent an e-mail to
Posted by joe on 26. September 2008. at 09:38
degas is good with dancers and stuff but i like renoirs nude paintings this might sound sick but he does a good job
Posted by Ryan Jarvis on 27. February 2008. at 14:49
Hot painting
This picture is so bomb.
Posted by Michaela on 22. October 2007. at 10:52
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