Gabrielle and Jean by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Gabrielle and Jean


Information about painting

Dimensions: 54 x 65 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris, France
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Gabrille Et Juan,1895
I am looking for a painting done by Renoir in 1895 "Gabrille Et Juan" in which Gabrille is holding a "baby" Juan in a long baby gown unlike the one above. Can you help me locate a print?
Posted by maggie on 23. March 2012. at 07:36
Vai toma no cu
Vai toma no cu
Vai tomar na buceta

Posted by on 15. June 2008. at 17:25
Could you please tell me how to determined if i have a copy.have inherited a print and wish to find out thankyou.
Posted by Caz Wood on 02. August 2007. at 17:56
Gabrielle and Jean
I think that painting is adorable, the way Renoir caught the particular moment when Gabrielle plays with Jean, is very sweet.
Posted by Carolina Burdiles on 30. August 2006. at 10:32
Gabrielle and Jean
I bought a painting at a shope and the painting has Gabrielle and Jean holding something but I cannot make out what they are holding. It is all a blur. I must have a re-print of a bad copy.
Posted by Leonor Albritton on 12. April 2006. at 10:34

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