Gabrielle with a Rose by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Gabrielle with a Rose


Information about painting

Dimensions: 47 x 55.5 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France
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Comments about Gabrielle with a Rose

Posted by LORRAINE on 01. December 2006. at 13:35
Old man from a taverna in Belgrade, tell me. "Oh lady, you are Gabrielle with a rose." It is true .My body, and my face , and hair is same like hers. Shi is a Ranoir`s woman ?
Posted by Eva Maria on 17. July 2006. at 00:42
This painting is so rich in colour, and movement. The lines are soft, and the emotions are clear. He makes the human body so beautiful and fragile, even on a buxom woman.
Posted by Zoë on 07. May 2005. at 11:42

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