In the Meadow (Picking Flowers) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

In the Meadow

(Picking Flowers)


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Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Ladies in a Meadow- Renoir
Two lovely ladies, seated in a meadow, enjoying a nice day, perhaps having a picnic.

Lovely girls, lovely scenery, lovely weather...

A lovely painting!
Posted by David Meller on 10. November 2013. at 18:49
Girls life, feelings, goals ?
I want to buy this painthing to put in my living room. I have Daughter and would like to they them lil about this art. I really love it. The colors are very nice and nature, sky...... they look adorable
Posted by los on 29. April 2012. at 15:14
Beautiful painting
i think this picture is the type to calm you after a long day it is so simple theres nothing to take away from its beauty! i love it this is one of my favourite painting
Posted by Rebecca on 02. November 2006. at 06:35
the picture is sooooooooo good that i can copy it and say i did it.
i loveeeeeeee it
Posted by christina reiaw on 20. September 2006. at 16:00
i love this paiting i like the colours
Posted by bonnie on 01. April 2006. at 00:35
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