Mother and Children by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Mother and Children


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Dimensions: 170 x 108 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: The Frick Collection, New York, USA

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REnoir mother and children
I also have the mother and chidren painting If you can give me any information on it I would appreciate it on the back of mine it says La confianzo Marcos Juramento t2427 T.A
Posted by joan pinto on 26. August 2008. at 19:20
Renoir paintings
I have 3 Renoir paintings, how can I tell if they are original ? They are "By the Sea Shore" and 2 "Lady at the Piano". If anyone can help me I would very much appreciate it.
Posted by Chrissy on 12. September 2006. at 12:43
Renoir painting
I have a painting just like this one. It also has a sticker on the back "The Frick Collection New York" I know nothing about paintings. Does anyone have any Idea if this can be an original or most likely a reprint? How can you tell? Does anyone know what this painting might be worth?
Can anyone tell me more about this painting?
Posted by Monica on 24. July 2006. at 18:16
The Frick Collection
This is worth a trip to the Frick House in NYC. It is a very large canvas and the colors are much softer and more blue than those represented here.
Posted by Angela on 30. April 2006. at 11:50

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